About CannDig


CannDig is the only Completely Free resource in the hemp industry where you can build a store, list unlimited products, auction products, sell products and pay $0. This free marketplace is for buyers and sellers of hemp, value-added products, equipment, and services.

It is also the world's only FREE auction for hemp biomass, flower, crude, distillate, isolate, resin, seeds and clones.

Vendors can sign up to have a store on CannDig, listing an unlimited number of products, free. When a product sells from your store, you keep every cent you earn!

When you visit CannDig, you are a "Customer", a "Buyer" or a "Vendor."

Customers are free to browse the site. It costs nothing. Register HERE.

Buyers may purchase products from Vendors. The cost to become a Buyer is free. Buyers must be 21 years of age. Click HERE to become a Registered Buyer.

Vendors may be producers or distributors of products or services geared to the cannabis industry. For more information on becoming a Vendor, click Here.

Vendors can post a profile of their farm, their grow, their varieties, products, and pricing. Selling one's crop begins with taking the Crop Survey. To take the Survey, click Here.

Farmers on CannDig are ready to earn your trust. Their story is there for you to read. Their products are presented in images, video, descriptions, and lab results. Hemp growers are the best people you will meet.